3 Benefits of Renting a Water Front Property for Your Next Family Trip

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If you are planning a trip to the coast soon, you may be debating between staying a few miles off the coast in a hotel to save money or staying in a vacation rental on the water. You may really be dreaming about renting a waterfront vacation house for your family and friends to enjoy, but it may seem outside of your budget. While some will choose to stay a few miles off the of the coast, there are considerable benefits that you can enjoy when you stay on the water in a waterfront vacation rental.

They Are More Affordable Than You Might Think
Hotel rooms can vary substantially in price. You generally are limited to having only four people in a room, and you have minimal food preparation options in these spaces. Vacation rentals on the waterfront may seem like they would cost a fortune, and the reality is that some are rather pricey. However, there are great deals available, and this is particularly true if you stay out of the main tourist hubs. You can easily find space for your whole family without having to book two or three hotel rooms. Plus, you can make your own meals in the kitchen instead of having to pay for expensive restaurant meals. When all things are considered, a waterfront rental may be more affordable.

You Can Enjoy Great Health Benefits
You may not realize it, but spending time right on the coast is good for your health. The sun provides you with an ample supply of vitamin D, which is important for bone, skin and mental health. The sand can exfoliate your skin, and the water can maintain optimal skin elasticity. You also will find that your stress level drops when you are at the beach.

You Will Benefit From Proximity to Water Activities
The ideal waterfront vacation may include ample time lounging in the sun, building sand castles, frolicking in the water, fishing and more. When you stay on the waterfront, you can enjoy these activities at will. On the other hand, if you stay in a distant hotel, you will need to fight traffic to get to the beach each time you want to enjoy these activities. The rest of your time will be spent in a cramped hotel room. Furthermore, your car will likely get filled with sand and dried saltwater because of your commute.

Many who have already rented a waterfront home for their past vacations would not dream of staying in a hotel away from the water because of how amazing the experience is. Compare the costs and benefits of the two options, and try a waterfront rental for your next vacation to see the difference for yourself.

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