How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

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An iPhone seems like an almost magical device. Of course, no magic operates the smartphone. Regardless, an iPhone can do things you never thought possible in a simple consumer electronics device. Do not, however, assume the iPhone so advanced that it rises above basic electronics’ truths. The battery, for example, wears out at some point. Thankfully, you can delay the end date for the battery by following a few tips for extending its life.

Don’t Overuse The Device

Do you ever feel burned out from working too much? Surely you do. You’re not a machine. That said, machines do wear out as well because parts can only handle so much work. Always using your phone and continually engaging the battery doesn’t exactly contribute to extending anything’s life. Quite a number of functions on a smartphone could be performed by a laptop or another device. Why not give the iPhone a well-deserved break now and then? Doing so could provide more life to an overworked battery.

Avoid Keeping The Charger Plugged In

Charging your phone certainly is important. If the battery runs out of power, then the phone cannot operate. Don’t keep the charger plugged into the phone long after the battery has reached a 100% charge. Consistently feeding the battery an unnecessary amount of electricity could destroy it. The destruction of the battery won’t occur overnight. Over time, however, the battery will solely be ruined due to excess charging.

Protect Your Battery from Harm

Actually, you want to protect the entire smartphone from suffering damage. Dropping a smartphone or exposing it to excess water won’t exactly protect the battery or other parts. Purchasing a protective case or simply exhibiting more care could keep the battery working longer.

Shut It Off

Leaving the phone on while you’re not using it or won’t be able to use it contributes to a decline in the battery’s life. Shutting the phone off when you go to sleep or when you’re in a movie theater sometimes makes sense. Granted, there can be a risk with this approach. A late night emergency phone call might be one you need to take. The phone can’t wake you up when shut off. Still, there are times when the phone can be powered down safely. This would add some extra time to the battery life. After all, the battery is not being used.

A Final Point

Good reasons exist why steps should be taken to extend the life of the battery. You definitely don’t want the battery to die out an extremely inconvenient time. Keeping the battery operationally safe could reduce such an unwanted occurrence. Doing so requires taking responsibility for extending its life.

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