How to Save at the Supermarket

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The easiest and most important way you can save money at the supermarket is to plan each and every trip. That means putting all the things into place that we’re about to discuss. It also means no impulse buying. This can wreck your entire food budget. It’s ok if you forget something and add it to your list while you’re at the store, but don’t be romanticized by a cool-looking display and something that sounds like a great price. Planning also means taking all the coupons with you that coincide with your list.

Redeeming coupons is a billion dollar industry. When people say they don’t have time to clip coupons, I literally laugh. It’s like asking someone if they want a dollar and they say, “No, I don’t have time to put it in my wallet.” It’s that easy, especially with so many stores putting digital coupons on their websites so you don’t even have to cut them out. You just click on clip, and it is added to your account. With most stores, it is either linked to your loyalty card or you input your phone number at the checkout and as long as you have purchased the correct item, the checkout computer takes the coupon amount off of your bill.

Weekly Sales
You’ll really save money when you combine coupons with weekly sales. Almost every grocery store has weekly sales that they advertise in a sales flyer. What is really popular right now is called a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) You’ll find these in almost every category in the grocery store, including meat and produce. Now, if you can combine a coupon with a BOGO, you’ve hit pay dirt. Make sure you get a copy of the store’s coupon policy, which you can download and print on their website in most cases.

Clearance Items 
Almost every type of store, including supermarkets have items marked clearance on a regular basis. This includes makeup as well as meat, although you should be careful of any perishable food. Usually, when you find perishable food on clearance, it is still good, but the sell by date may be today or tomorrow. If it is something that you can cook right away, feel free to save some money.

Remember, you can use coupons on clearance items, too, making the deal especially attractive. Some coupons will say excluding clearance items, but that really doesn’t happen very often. Once you get used to clipping, printing, or clicking on coupons on a regular basis, you will realize how much you can save. Remember, to stock up on non-food items as well. Some of the most valuable coupons are for toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. Happy saving!

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