How to Stay Healthy in 3 Easy Steps

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All of us want to be healthier, but not all of us know exactly how to get there. It all sounds so easy – eat right, get plenty of exercise, etc – but surely there’s some kind of secret, right?

Wrong. Whether your goal is to get fit or simply become a healthier version of you, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Below are three simple steps that will help you get moving in no time.

1. Eat High-Quality Foods 

This is different from simply eating low-fat or low-carb diets; the key here is to eat food that is as organic as possible, whether that means vegetables, meat, or dairy products. Not only will you reduce the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals into your system, but you’ll also gain a number of other health benefits as well.

Pay attention to how often you eat also. The average American diet consists of eating three larger meals every single day, even though science says that it isn’t really necessary. Ideally, what you should shoot for is a few small meals every two to three hours to keep the blood sugar and energy levels high. Your metabolism will keep moving which will help your body burn energy more efficiently.

2. Get At Least Seven Hours of Sleep Every Night 

Although some people can go on less sleep than others, that number is substantially lower than what people assume. And since nearly 40% of people say they get less than seven hours of sleep a night, it’s turning into a virtual health epidemic. Make sure you set time aside for requisite shuteye and your body will respond with gratitude.

3. Stay Active 

Many people assume that you need to get in at least an hour workout every day, regardless of what you actually do the rest of the day. Not only is this advice mistaken, it could lead to a substantial amount of discouragement, which could eventually lead to burnout and throwing in the towel.

Instead of focusing on how many hours you clock at the gym, focus on how active you are throughout the day. If you’re a waiter or work in a service position, chances are you’re walking at least a few miles every single day, so you can get by with implementing some simple strength training into your day if you want to round out your exercise regimen. If your job requires you to sit for hours at a time, however, consider taking a brisk walk during lunch, taking a lap around the office every hour, or invest in a standing desk. No matter what though, keep moving.

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