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4 Useful Tips to Keep Braces Clean

Braces may be unpleasant for some people to wear, but they muddle through long months or orthodontic treatment with one goal in mind. They want to smile in the mirror and love the way they look. Crooked teeth are common, and they are a source of concern for many people. Braces give you a realistic way to improve the look of your smile, but they can be tricky to keep clean. These tips can help you to properly clean your teeth while wearing braces.

Brush Regularly
Brushing is the best way to keep your teeth clean, and you may need to brush for a few extra minutes each session to thoroughly clean your teeth. There may be a tendency when wearing braces to focus on the tops of the teeth, but do not overlook the back and top surfaces. When brushing the front teeth, angle your brush from the top of the brackets as well as from the bottom to maximize the benefit of brushing. You may even set a timer to ensure that you are brushing long enough. Remember to brush after every meal or snack.

Use Mouthwash
Brushing alone may not remove all of the debris in your mouth. Mouthwash is an excellent way to kill any bacteria that you may have missed while brushing. When selecting your mouthwash, choose a product that has the ability to kill germs rather than to simply freshen your breath. Use mouthwash in conjunction with brushing rather than as a substitute.

Clean Under the Wire
Even with the best brushing techniques, you may still miss food that is trapped under the wire or that may be clinging to your brackets. Get into the habit of regularly using a pipe cleaner-like brush to clean all surfaces under the wire and around the brackets. You could even dip the brush in mouthwash for additional benefits. This should be done after every meal or snack.

Bring Supplies With You
It is relatively easy to care for your braces while you are at home, but the challenge comes when you are away from home. Many meals are eaten away from the house where you may not have your toothbrush and other supplies with you. A smart idea is to purchase an extra set of all of your supplies. Keep them in your backpack, purse or another type of bag so that you always have the right items on hand.

Remember that cleaning your teeth is a critical part of oral health. The task becomes more challenging when you are wearing braces, but it is critical. The last thing you want is to have your braces removed only to realize that you a cavity or significant yellowing around the brackets.